Conversation on indian education system

No control of govt on fee structure of private educational institutes. Student suicides are increasing day by day. Situation in other countries: As a result, teachers are not able to concentrate on each and every child. Competition teaches students to unleash their full potential.

Strategies for collaboration There are reasons for hope. There are lots of rules that is made by government to give free education to the student who cannot afford the fees of big schools there is right to education that stats that every school must reserve 25 percent seats for the student who can't afford there fees and government is paying for them but still there are lots of schools who are not implementing this they are not reserving seats for the for students.

I am a student of class 12th and I live in Mumbai. And this situation is getting worse. Situation in other countries: Because these are not well educated. What Indian Government is doing: Yayou are right, because its not make talented students.

Present Education System in India

But its quality is decreasing day by day. Oct 7, Hello, friends, In my view, there must be a compulsory reform should be made in our educational system. He passed through the campus in the early s, when the college attracted students from as far away as Nepal.

Australian providers could fill the gap in this market by offering better quality courses. So, nutritional deficit must be taken care of. Students should be exposed to economic and societal problems in the world. Messenger The Indian higher education system faces stiff challenges. A strategic approach could yield major benefits for both countries.

We can also learn from foregien countries where students focus more and more practical knowledge then theoretical knowledge.

Articles on Indian Higher education

This could be funded using a small percentage of the money universities receive from international students. Text books do not mention how the topics are relevant in the practical life.

We are doing like playing games level 1 and level 2 instead of learning things. We basically should focus on providing practical knowledge to students from the very basic level of schooling to make kids aware of the need of the things being taught.

But, in our schools, we are only concerned about the grades and marks a child scores completely ignoring their imaginative minds.Community Experts online right now. Ask for FREE. Ask Your Question Fast!

This problem is clearly uniquely Indian, and as such is it because the Indian education system is at fault or the Indian socio-economic system?

The 3 Idiots Debate: Is the Indian Education System in need of change?

Why is the education ‘system’ being called a problem? What is this system? Isn’t the system merely a collective noun for us, all of us, every single one of us? In Conversation With Diksha. Aug 12,  · How can the Indian government improve the quality of education at the majority of the country’s universities, colleges and institutes?

This is more than a question for questioning’s sake: it.

Conversation between three friends about indian education system.

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Present Education System in India

Below are 6 reasons, in .

Conversation on indian education system
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