An analysis of the puritan beliefs of mary rowlanrson

They bury Rowlandson's dead daughter, and she is allowed to visit her oldest daughter Mary who is also being held in Wenimesset, and her oldest son who is allowed to visit from a nearby Indian settlement.

Mary Rowlandson

All of the seeming stability of life, including material possessions, can disappear without warning, even during a single day. God was neither punishing nor rewarding the Indians, who were merely agents whom God controlled as a manifestation of his wrath on the New England Puritans.

Now I have seen that scripture also fulfilled However, she understands who to turn to during this awful act to get the necessary protection, strength, and comfort. Much of this thought was common Puritan belief. Naturally she depicts the Native Americans as violent savages but later the similarities of the Native Americans and the settlers become apparent to her.

A second example of Rowlandson using the Puritan elements lies in her incorporation of Grace. She cannot take anything for granted because she is not sure if she will even survive this long journey.

When pondering the timely attack of the Indians on Lancaster, which took place shortly after the troops protecting the town left for want of provisions, she wrote that God "orders all things for his holy ends": Luckily, Mary manages to achieve this goal in the end.

In her captive state, Rowlandson can take nothing for granted. Religion Rowlandson makes continual references to the bible throughout her narrative to support her actions, causing her captivity to resemble that of a religious pilgrimage.

Rowlandson believed that God was punishing his people for breaking their special covenant as his chosen people. This is though the only deviation she seems to make from common puritan views of femininity, even her descriptions of the Native women fall to the scrutiny of puritan morals.

I told them it was the Sabbath day, and desired them to let me rest, and told them I would do as much more tomorrow; to which they answered me they would break my face.

Rowlandson was a respected woman within Puritan society and as such would be expected to represent all that was customary of fine Christian women. The feminine role of maternity is repeated throughout as Rowlandson meditates on her children. I chose the word Indians to write of the Native Americans to be consistant with Mary Rowlandson's choice of words.

She is not raped. After attacking another town the Native Americans decide to head north, and Rowlandson is again separated from her family and "friends" she has made. No longer are civilization and savagery so distinct. Rowlandson eagerly heads toward Wachuset, but the journey wears her down and she is disheartened by the sight of an injured colonist from a previous Indian attack.

For example, the Puritan believer held that divine Providence operates in an absolutely arbitrary manner. The first Indians who speak with her assure her that she won't be hurt if she comes with them without trouble; this is quite different from Rowlandson's description of people being knocked on the head and carried away.Thus, Rowlandson revealed her belief that God would act against other people simply because they were enemies to the Puritans.

Rowlandson believed that the sins of the colonists, which deviated from their covenant with God, led God to use the Indians as a means for punishment. Nov 25,  · Rowlandson was born Mary White around in Somerset, England, one of ten children born to John and Joan White.

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Literary Analysis of Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson

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An analysis of the puritan beliefs of mary rowlanrson
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