A mango shaped space

As an aside, however: Schneider Family Book Award.

A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Mass - PDF free download eBook

Words and sounds have color for her. The number 2 might be the color of wet cement. To put it simply, Synesthesia is a condition that some people have where the different senses—touch, taste, hearing, vision, and smell—get mixed up instead of remaining separate.

For others, their synesthesia takes the form of sound-to-taste. She knew on the inside Mango would want Mia to have his son, so his spirit could live on.

A Mango-Shaped Space

Soon, Billy Henkle, the boy that she met at the grocery store who shares her condition, comes back and Mia is able to offer him the help that she never received when she was young. When at the board, Mia saw the different colors of chalk that coincidentally matched her vision of the numbers colors.

Her older sister Beth dyes her hair a different color every week and might be a witch. And forget about Spanish class.

She has synesthesia, a condition where senses are connected, such as your hearing and sight or smell and touch, though it could be any two. Finally, when she is thirteen, she is failing math. When trouble in school finally convinces Mia to reveal her secret, she feels like a freak.

He even gives her a website where Mia can communicate with other synesthetes. She brings him in but it is already too late, and Mango is dead by the end of the night.

The kids called her a freak. All the letters of the alphabet are a different color. When Mia enters the eighth grade and her strange experiences of color begin to cause her problems at school, she finally tells her family her secret. For Mia, each letter, number and word has a color associated with it.

As we strolling from one street to another, a store to the next, and a vender to another, our wallets slowly became less and there were lots bags hanging on our arms. Somehow this was even worse, because I just knew something was going to happen!

For 13 year old Mia Winchel, her best friend Jenna's name is "a shimmering shade of green with yellow highlights". Although it was a little raining, people were still crowded the streets.

She takes him home and names him Mango. As she educates herself about her condition, Mia begins to explore the world of synesthesia and finds it increasingly difficult to keep up in school, maintain her friendships, and stay close to her family and little Mango.

Again, thanks for the great read. Then, when Mango dies, Mia has to learn to regain her colors and reconcile with her best friend. Mia then realizes that she has to move on to be able to help other synesthetes.

Jenna runs away and, out of anger, stops talking to Mia. Mia saw that one of the kittens sounded like the color of Mustard.I enjoyed A Mango-Shaped Space by the author Wendy Mass. It is about a girl named Mia Winchell who sees colors in letters and numbers and when she hears sounds.

This mental disorder is. Buy a cheap copy of A Mango-Shaped Space book by Wendy Mass. Summary:Mia Winchell has synesthesia, the mingling of perceptions whereby a person can see sounds, smell colors, or taste shapes. Forced to reveal her condition, Free shipping over $ Buy, download and read A Mango-Shaped Space ebook online in EPUB format for iPhone, iPad, Android, Computer and Mobile readers.

Author: Wendy Mass. ISBN: Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. An award-winning book from the author of Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life and The Candymakers for fans for of Wonder and Counting by Sevens Mia Winchell has. Mia Winchell, the heroine of Wendy Mass's novel, A Mango-Shaped Space, has synesthesia.

Specifically, she has colored hearing, which means she sees figures and colors whenever she hears a sound. Specifically, she has colored hearing, which means she. A Mango-Shaped Space has 24, ratings and 2, reviews.

Bluesequin said: Having strong synesthesia myself, I was not very pleased with the way it is p /5. There are a lot of issues dealt with in A Mango-Shaped kitaharayukio-arioso.com won the ALA Schneider Family Book Award which honors “artistic expression of the disability experience.”.

A mango shaped space
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